International Baccalaureate

From 2021, we will offer all Sixth Form students a choice between two rigorous and well-regarded programmes, the International Baccalaureate (IB) and A-Levels.

We believe this meaningful choice will help to enthuse, motivate and inspire students, allowing them to decide which route will best suit their interests and future aspirations.

The International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme promotes both academic depth and breadth. It develops a strong understanding of the major academic disciplines, promotes cross-disciplinary thinking, and encourages a wide variety of academic and strategic skills. 

For A-Levels, students can choose from  26 subjects allowing them to focus on the subjects they are most interested in and to develop specialised knowledge and skills.

The two different routes offer an exciting choice but all students are very much part of one Sixth Form. All Sixth Form students benefit from our fantastic Collingwood (Sixth Form) Centre, our Temple Reading Room (library), including access to the support of our Head of Library and Research and her team, alongside our culture of intellectual curiosity, rigour and success. Furthermore all our Sixth Form students are based in Houses that contain students taking both IB and A-Level courses, and all participate in our sports, community service, music, drama and creative programmes. Finally, every member of the Sixth Form benefits from opportunities to lead and to enrich their lives through House, co-curricular, and academic enrichment activities.

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