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"Rugby has always prided itself on its pioneering approach to the curriculum and this continues apace" - Good Schools Guide

As one of the top academic schools in Britain, teaching and learning is at the core of what we do at Rugby School in Warwickshire. Pupils at Rugby have the benefit of fantastic educational facilities and highly qualified staff. They learn what is needed to prepare fully for public examinations but, more than that, they develop a love of learning which stays with them long after they have left the School. We set high expectations of pupils not only in terms of their work ethic but also in terms of their intellectual ambition. Pupils aim high and our record of university success is proof of this.

More details on our curriculum at all levels are available in the Curriculum Guides (please click on the links below).

As a top academic school, our aim at Rugby is to prepare pupils for university life and beyond. It is clear what universities are looking for. Top notch grades at both GCSE and A level but also an intellectual appetite. We firmly believe that the opportunities available here at Rugby address both of those aspects, and our pupils flourish.

Nomenclature: unsurprisingly, Rugby has developed terminology of its own in its long history for the year groups at the School. Most pupils enter the School in the F Block (Year 9) and progress through E and D. When they enter the Upper School, they become members of the Lower XX (Lower Sixth) before the final XX year.

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