Life in a boarding school is challenging, fun, hectic, stretching.... and, in reaching their potential, boys and girls need guidance, support and encouragement. As one of the top boarding schools in Britain, the general well-being of pupils is of paramount concern and importance.

In the seven day week, life at our boarding school in Warwickshire is very full and gives special opportunities to focus on excellence in academic areas and extracurricular activities whilst having every opportunity to forge friendships which may last a lifetime. Saturdays are fully structured with morning lessons, afternoon games and evening entertainment activities, and Sunday is partially structured giving boarders afternoon time for relaxation, catching up or pursuit of voluntary activities.

There are many good times, but there are testing moments too. The School gives a booklet to all pupils (and parents), ‘Guidelines for Life at Rugby School’, and this covers wide ranging issues including relationships, anti-bullying policy, and where and when boys and girls may be in their free time. Wherever boarders are within the School, there are always staff close by to offer help and support. The Deputy Head (Pastoral), reports to the Head Master on all pastoral issues and oversees Child Protection, PSHE, the Counsellor and medical issues.