Athlete Development and Facilities

'Sports facilities are quite something - pitches for everything,' - Tatler Schools Guide 2019

Our dedicated athlete development programme helps sports scholars, first team players and A-team athletes improve their physical qualities to achieve peak performance. Sessions focus on strength, power, speed, agility and endurance and every Sports Scholar meets with our athlete development co-ordinator, at least once a week to work through a personalised training plan based on individual needs and goals. Scholars begin athlete development in their first year here, and as such, all plans are based on each student’s biological age and natural capabilities.

As well as receiving individual training plans, all first and A-teams meet at least once a week for team speed, agility, and endurance sessions during their games periods. The co-ordinator also works closely with each team to provide warm ups before games.

Injury Prevention And Rehabilitation 

As well as improving sports performance, athlete development plays an important part in injury prevention and also the rehabilitation from injury. Our physiotherapist, James Neale, has previously worked for Northampton Saints and Worcester Warriors, and also with other elite and high-performance athletes. He works in tandem with our athlete development co-ordinator to design injury prevention programmes and strategies and helps injured scholars return to play following injury.