Department Staff

The quality of teaching in the music department of Rugby School is outstanding. The full-time members of staff, bring a broad range of professional musical experience to the benefit of pupils.


Many of the visiting music teachers at Rugby School have active professional performing careers and often perform with leading orchestras or opera companies of the UK.


  • Paul Bennett, FTCL, LTCL (Trumpet) 
  • Chris Hickman, BMus, PGDip (Trombone, Euphonium, Tuba)
  • Mark Smith, DipRCM (Horn)


  • Bill Coleman, DipAD, NDD (Bass Guitar, Bass)
  • Ian Crabtree, BA (Electric, Acoustic and Classical Guitar)
  • Phil Luckhurst, LTCL, ATD (Electric and Acoustic Guitar)
  • Graham Roberts, MMus, GRSM, LRAM, ARAM (Classical Guitar) Head of Guitar
  • Geoff Tooley, GDLM (Electric, Acoustic and Classical Guitar, Mandolin)


  • Lizzy Thompson, BMus, MMus, DipABRSM


  • Alison Hargreaves, BA, GBSM
  • Robert Hodge, BMus, MPerf
  • Eleni Keventsidou, BMus, PGDip, LRAM
  • Susanne Ruppitsch-Morris, MA
  • Rebecca Taylor, MA, MA, LRAM, ATCL, DipABRSM


  • Elizabeth Donovan, BMus, PGDip, RNCM
  • Philippa Hyde, LRAM, Dip.RAM, ARAM
  • Jeremy Kenyon, BA, PGDip
  • Matthew Sandy, BA, DipABRSM
  • Helen Swift, MA, CT ABRSM
  • Gregory Swinford, BA, PGCE
  • Gwion Thomas, GRNCM, PPRNCM
  • Claire Turner, BA, PGDip, AdvPGDip


  • Elaine Ackers, AGSM (Cello)
  • Thea Butterworth (Double Bass)
  • Christopher White, DipRCM, ARCM (Violin, Viola)


  • Chris Allison, BMus (Saxophone, Clarinet)
  • Tim Bentham, BMus, LTCL(Oboe)
  • Sonia England, BMus, PGDip (Flute)
  • Alison Hargreaves, BA, GBSM (Basoon, Recorder, Piano)
  • Richard Jasper (Bagpipes)
  • Steve Morris, BMus, PGDip (Clarinet, Saxophone)
  • Clare Preston, BMus (Flute)

There are strong links with the Birmingham Conservatoire where some of our advanced pupils have the opportunity of experiencing complementary tuition on Thursday afternoons.

Claire Bradley and Tim Bentham in the music office, provide an essential support and link to the teaching staff, students and parents alike. The team handles queries or concerns parents or pupils may have and adopt an open door policy. They are responsible for the production of publicity and programmes for concerts, arrange music pupil outings and organise appointments for music scholarship pre-auditions ensuring constructive advice is fed back to prospective parents via the office, maintaining this vital link.

For general enquiries, please telephone the Music School on 01788 556207 or email: