Annual Trips

The School undertakes a wide range of trips every year to all parts of the world. Regular academic visits include Geography to Barcelona, Classics to Italy and a variety of other destinations, Politics to the US, Art and Design to New York and History to Berlin and Krakow. In addition there are language exchanges organised for German and Spanish and an annual French trip to Paris.

Major sports tours take place on a bi-annual basis and have included rugby football to Singapore and Australia, hockey and netball to Barbados and cricket to India and Dubai. There is an annual ski trip and the School also works closely with World Challenge with expeditions to Bolivia and Honduras.



  • Science and Languages - March/April: Trip to Paris at the start of the Easter holidays. Estimated cost: £450


  • Latin, Greek and Classical Civilisation - July: four-day trip to Italy taking in Rome's main classical sites including the Colosseum, Forum, Palatine, Pantheon, Trajan's Column and Trevi Fountain. The excursion then heads south to the Bay of Naples; Pompeii, Herculaneum and Oplontis.

  • Geography - June: Residential trip to the Peak District - investigation of surrounding environment and the impact of tourism. Includes visit to Chatsworth House and cave systems near Castleton. 


  • History - October: Four-day trip for XX and some LXX to Berlin and Munich. 


  • Politics - February: Educational visit for LXX to Westminster including tour of the UK's Supreme Court.

  • Modern Languages - February: Vienna exchange and LXX Hispanists trip to Madrid and/or Valencia. 

  • Geography - March/April: Five-day residential trip to Sitges in Barcelona for four full days of study including River Tordera, Olympic village and regeneration of medieval El Raval. 

  • Latin, Greek and Classical Civilisation - October: Week-long trip for LXX and XX to various destinations, taking in both classical sites and other places of interest. Past trips have been to Tunisia, Sicily and Greece. 

  • Politics - October (or Easter): Educational visit to Washington DC and New York. 

  • Biology - June: Four-day residential trip in UK. 

  • Media, Textiles and Photography - December: This annual trip enables students go abroad on location to shoot their final pieces, ensuring good quality light in contrasting locations, such as Tuscany and the Costa del Sol. 

  • Art, Design & Technology and Art History - December: Trip to New York to visit all the major museums and some significant buildings. 

  • Sports Tours - every two years