About Us

On Wednesday 16 March we officially launched the Rugbeian Community: a place for friends to connect, belong, share and inspire the future of our schools and students.

We believe our purpose and focus is to create the whole experience. It’s why, when we talk about our philosophy of education, we say ‘the whole person is the whole point’. Because we believe in creating a rich life that embraces everything our community has to offer. For students, their families and for our people. Our purpose is to make their time at our schools an experience that is diverse, wide-ranging, multi-faceted, and one that continues far beyond the classroom, and into the Rugbeian Community.  

We believe in connecting with alumni, ambassadors, patrons, advocates, parents. Friends. Likeminded motivated people who will realise the potential and strength of our networks and continue lifelong, meaningful relationships. We believe being a part of the Rugbeian Community means connecting to the whole experience. Because we believe relationships unite us, connections guide us, and impact drives us.

What changes will you see?

Signage around the school has been updated to enable all members of our community find us more easily. Invitations to community events will now come to you from the Rugbeian Community and some of our social media accounts will now appear as the Rugbeian Community, rather than our separate organisations. In May 2022 we will also be launching our new, collaborative website at

What was previously referred to as the Development Team, has seen changes to staff members’ job titles:

Kerry Wilson - Director of the Rugbeian Community and Development
Kate Chernyshov - Associate Director of the Rugbeian Community and Development
Katy Steventon - Assistant Director, Marketing and Communications, Rugbeian Community
Evan Lack - Data and Research Manager, Rugbeian Community
Abbie Barns - Development Officer, Rugbeian Community
Liselle Dixon - Rugbeian Community Assistant

The Arnold Foundation

The Arnold Foundation will continue to provide one of the UK’s leading boarding bursary programmes, benefiting 156 young people to date. This has now been extended to Bilton Grange, with the recent launch of the Earle Fund, a scheme to provide full boarding bursaries to children from Year 7 upwards. There is no change to the Arnold Foundation’s bank details and charity number and the donation process will remain the same. However, the donation form will now include the option to donate to the Earle Fund, to benefit children at Bilton Grange.


The Rugbeian Society

The Rugbeian Society will remain an independent organisation to Rugby School and although it now sits under the umbrella of the Rugbeian Community, there will be no change to its governance or operation.

President - Robin Fletcher
Alumni Relations Manager - Tracey Ahmet


Bilton Grange Society

Since the merging of Rugby School and Bilton Grange School into the Rugby School Group, the BIlton Grange Society has benefited from the support of a much larger school network. There will be no change to how the Society is governed or operated.

President - Tim Day
Honorary Secretary - David Searle