OR's at Hardwick House 15-12-19

The ORRTC played at Hardwick House on 15 December and won the fixture by 2 matches to 1.

Stephen Goss and Oliver Buckley


Jon Speirs and Mark Beard

2-6, 6-3, 6-3

Paul Yates and Miranda Coyne


Tony Billington and Candida Nicholls

3-6, 6-3, 6-4

Vaughan Williams and Michael Shellim 

 lost to

Mike Seymour and James MacLachlan 

1-6, 5-6


Common to all matches was a poor first set, followed by a recovery.

ORs in the first match focussed on reducing errors (or at any rate managed to reduce their errors, whether intentionally or not).

This will be Miranda’s last outing for the ORs for a while as she is now in an advanced state of pregnancy. She is welcome back any time. Paul continues playing the game ambidextrously which can be a little disconcerting to watch. We don’t mind as long as he doesn’t disconcert himself.

Vaughan sadly fluffed a shot at set point in their favour, to lose a match that looked set fair to follow the other results.

A splendid lunch of many courses was provided by Vaughan’s other half – Susie.

Oliver Buckley (W 67-71)
Hon Sec