ORRTC v Radley - 10-10-20

Result: Radley 4 – ORRTC 1

Andrew Leslau v Edward Hess (SF 76-80) 9/6

Andrew & Chris Manson v Edward & Oliver Buckley (W 67-71) 9/6

Chris v Oliver 6/9

Paul Kettle v Fred Satow (C 70-75) 9/6

Simon Horobin v Stephen Goss (B 74-79) 9/6

Simon & Paul v Stephen & Fred 2/2


Andrew and Ed’s opening singles pitted two hard-hitting players against each other - both Radley members. A great many shots went unreturned as the shot speed often left both of then standing. Oliver & Ed pulled back a substantial deficit in the doubles to only 5-6 down, but allowed the prey to escape. Oliver’s serve hit form in the singles (shame it did not also in the doubles) allowing quite a number of cheap points. Decent target shooting also helped including a couple of Winning Gallery shots which Oliver even appeared to have aimed for.

Fred and Paul have played each other quite often from the time they were both RTC members. A slight difference, which contributed to the result was Fred’s unfamiliarity with the court, resulting in a few missed returns off the Tambour and the occasional shot off the Radley back wall which kept lower than many courts. It appeared to be a good match and a good standard of tennis.

Stephen has likewise played Simon a few times and showed good court coverage chasing down shots which other players might simply have given up on. We were unlucky to lose a lucky bounce on sudden-death game-point at 6-4 leaving the score at 7-4 instead of a very possible 6-5.

The closing doubles ran out of time. A tasty lunch was provided. We were unable to use the showers and changing facilities or the lower gallery, but play was unrestricted. Socialising and spectating in the upper gallery at an appropriate distance over lunch was particularly enjoyable since that is not usually possible at most courts under Covid restrictions. We also kept to the Max 6 rule by effectively splitting the match into two mini-matches of two players per side each.

This is likely to be one of very few matches this season – at least before Christmas – but it was very welcome.

Oliver Buckley (W 67-71)
Hon Sec