ORRTC v Oratory School 11-01-20

Stephen Goss (B 74-79) and Oliver Buckley (W 67-71) lost to Andy Keeley and Mark Candlish 2-6, 5-6.

We won the first two games of the first set, but opps found their form and we were outplayed in the rest of the first set. ORs led 4-1 in the second set before squandering the lead with a high error rate.

Oliver Buckley and Vaughan Williams (M 57-62) lost to Alex and Jack, again in spite of a commanding lead in the first set, again squandered. Vaughan played some very good tennis, classic strokes, while Oliver seemed a bit demoralised by a combination of flukes by the opposition and erratic bounces. Vaughan had to leave early, so missed inclusion in the team photo.

Fred Satow (C 65-70) lost his singles with Mark Candlish again in straight sets, but putting up a good fight.

ORs suffered a bit from injuries – Oliver filling in for Michael Shellim (K 64-69) in the second doubles as Michael had injured himself, Stephen pulled out of the fourth match of the day – a singles against Andy Keeley – due to niggles from the knees.

Some amusement was provided when Oliver managed to park his car in a mud-hole, quickly lost all effective traction and had to be rather ignominiously pushed out by the players. He had felt that as another vehicle (the school bus) was also parked in the same mud-hole, it must be OK, though failing to notice that the school bus was also totally bogged down and extensive rescue attempts had been abandoned.

Oliver Buckley (W 67-71)
Hon Sec