ORRTC v Old Harrovians 05-04-19

It was a close match at the Queen’s Club against the Old Harrovians. The usual trickery that we have come to expect was in force with players on long-term unadjusted handicaps producing some bizarre plays and American cheerleaders lining the back of the court and guzzling the wine. The evening ended with a 3-4 loss with last year’s MVP and the host for the evening losing both singles and doubles – Paul Yates (W 70-75) sends apologies and promises more pre-match training in future!

Miranda Coyne (RB 02-07) lost to Hughes, Paul Yates lost to Falkner and Stephen Goss (B 74-79) beat Hodgson in a tight match. Coyne and Yates lost to Harding and Falkner while Buckley and Shellim (K 64-69) beat Stogdon and James. The in-form Buckley triumphed with a solid victory over Readman to re-level the match but the talented Fred Satow (C 70-75) succumbed to Roundell and needed to be placated with a whole bottle of Macon. That said all was put right with a healthy meal of lasagne and cheese in the Dedans to finish the tax year in style. Indeed such was the carousing that the lights went out, both actually and metaphorically, and shrewd observers will notice that the team photograph had to be taken in a squash court.

Result: Lost 3-4

Oliver Buckley (W 67-71)
Hon Sec