ORRTC v Holyport RTC 17-03-19

Match 1: Robert Peel v Stephen Goss (B 74-79) : 6/0 6/0

Match 2: Candida Nicholls & George Fowler v Tim Bolton Carter (St 74-78) & Michael Shellim (K 64-69): 6/5 5/6 4/6

Match 3: Hugh Kingsmill Moore & Christopher Figg v Oliver Buckley & Tim Bolton Carter: 4/6 5/6

Match 4: Chris Knight & Barrie Wykes v Oliver Buckley & Richard Bray (M 58-63): 2/6 5/6

Result: Won 3-1

Stephen Goss came up against Robert Peel in very good form and went down in flames.

Candida Nicholls can usually give as good as she gets, but was somewhat bullied in the 3rd set by strong hitting from OR Rackets players Tim and Michael to level the match 1-1

Oliver Buckley spent some time preparing (and eating) lunch of a range of Indian and Sri Lankan curries with the usual fortified pudding, but was nevertheless able to take the court after lunch and win both games, assisted by further forceful striking by Tim and refined, classic shot-making from Richard.

Oliver Buckley (W 67-71)