ORRTC v Holyport RTC 07-03-20

Holyport v Old Rugbeians – result Drew 2-2

Match1: Yuri Kugler & Martin Roberts v Paul Yates (W 70-75) & Alan Everett (Hon OR) - 3/6 5/6

Match 2: Andy Parkinson & Richard Lawrence v Daniel Jessel (M 59-64) & Richard Bray (M 58-63) - 6/3 6/1

Match 3: Mark Piper & Christopher Figg v Tim Bolton Carter (St 74-78) & Edward Hess (SF 76-80) - 6/1 6/2

Match 4: Renaud Besnard & Attila Kerekes v Oliver Buckley (W 67-71) & Nigel Stafford (M 72-77) - 3/6 4/6

Having only recruited 7 ORs for the 4 Doubles matches, we were fortunately able to borrow Alan Everett from Holyport for the day.

He and Paul Yates put in a convincing first set win and calmed spectators’ nerves winning the second set and their match from a tense 5-5 with the home side having clawed back much of a deficit and looking threatening. Dan and Richard needed to shake off some rust – Dan not having played for around 9 months – which proved too much against regular and experienced players from the home side.

In the third rubber, Tim and Edward were quite quickly despatched. If I had an observation, it would be that they seemed not to recognise the danger of certain serves and shots, leaving them to roll out of the nick or spin off awkwardly, when taking the ball earlier might have neutralised the threat. Oliver (a Holyport member and used to playing Doubles on this court) and Nigel are a very even pairing, playing against one better (Renaud) and one worse player. We quickly found that keeping the ball away from the better player paid off. A variety of Thai curries was served for lunch. Not sure if I over-catered or if players held back from eating, but I foresee at least a week of curried breakfasts stretching out ahead of me…

Oliver Buckley (W 67-71)

Hon Sec