Rugbeian Golfing Society


The RGS welcomes all Rugbeian golfers, male or female, who have (or should have)  a handicap.  It is our aim that those taking part should have an enjoyable day of golf, often on great golf courses and always in good company – in short, to have fun. It is not true that you must be a low handicap golfer to take part in our events and at many of our events the low handicap players are the exception.

You will find out much more about our Society, and will get a flavour of our activities from the many photos to be seen, by visiting the separate RGS website, 

Our current fixtures list includes meetings open only to members of the RGS, which take place in various parts of the country, and matches against other societies and clubs.  The format is often foursomes, although there are competitions in which you play your own ball at some of our meetings.  Foursomes is obviously an excellent format to come to know other members of the Society.

The RGS also enters teams for the major Old Boy tournaments: the Halford Hewitt, the Grafton Morrish, the Bernard Darwin (over 55), the Senior Darwin (over 65) and so on.  If you are a low handicap player who has not been involved in these competitions, please do join our Society and volunteer to take part.

There is a modest annual membership fee (free until 25) which funds subsidies for green fees for younger players and supports some of our representative teams. 

Please do contact me if you want more information or to join us in the fun we have.

Rob Prior (C 81-86) 
Hon Secretary, Rugbeian Golfing Society

President: Michael Attenborough (K 53-58)
Vice-President: Jock Fraser (K 56-60)

Officers 2019/20
Captain: Charles Maisey (K 65-70) 
Vice-Captain:  Nigel Cadbury (Tu 70-74)


Taking part and Members

You must be a member of the Rugbeian Golfing Society to take part in our events. Membership is open to any OR golfer. A minimum annual subscription of £20is required to be paid by bankers’ order. Subsidies toward green fees in Society events are available to younger members. RGS tie, pure silk, is available from the Hon Secretary £25 (p&p included).

Many golf clubs are now advising, and sometimes requiring, visitors to be insured. The RGS, and its officers, committee and organisers, merely facilitate the ability of the members of the RGS to play golf and accept no liability for what happens when members play at events arranged for RGS members. Tailored policies covering a golfer’s liabilities are available, although it may be that coverage is part of general household insurance.