Business Network

The Rugbeian Society aims, amongst other things, to bring the wealth of knowledge that exists within the Society to the benefit of Rugbeians.

The Business Network intends to continue organising and hosting forums for Rugbeians and their guests.

We very much look forward to the continued development of the Business Network, and would welcome any suggestions or offers of support from Rugbeians.

The Business Network continues to host forums for Rugbeians and their guests with topcial speakers.

Details on past forums can be found below.


The Fine Art of Real Estate. The story of the Currell Group from start up to sale, and an insight into building a contemporary art collection

Chris Currell (SH 75-80)




An entrepreneur’s story: Sandwiches, Hot Dogs & Scent!
David Sanger (SF 79-83)


The Man With The Golden Gavel
Jussi Pylkkänen




Business Forum with entrepreneur 
Gareth Lloyd-Jones (M 80-84)

The Brompton Story
Will Butler-Adams OBE (W 87-92)

(Repeated in 2017 due to high demand)


'Growing a Business. Building a Brand' 
Keith Abel (B 78-82)


‘Have Rugbeians got talent? Finding the X-Factor in Business’ 
Ed 'Bod' Boddington (K 78-83)



A fast-track to London 2012: the trials and tribulations of the (disabled) academic-athlete 
Sam Ruddock (T 06-08)

3 Global Entrepreneurs, 2 Exits and a Startup
Malcolm Bell, Harry Clarke and David Higgins