A Career in Technology with Jeremy Maddocks (Sh 79-84)

Rugbeian Society Webinars

Hitting the ground running in 2021, the Rugbeian Society is launching a new webinar series aimed at anyone looking for more information about how to break into their chosen industry or to pick up some tips from our community. Join us at 6pm each week online for an open discussion and live Q & A.

A Career in Technology is not just for programmers and engineers with Jeremy Maddocks (Sh 79-84) 
24 February 2021 at 6.00pm via Microsoft Teams


After years of rapid adoption, expansion and innovation, join us for a discussion on why the UK attracts the vast majority of European investment in tech companies, has more tech deals than the next 10 European countries combined and leads the world in sectors like FinTech, video production, AI, chip design.  Whether you want to work in blue chip FAANG’s or a startup in Hackney or Manchester, this industry is growing fast and needs more than engineers; aspiring creatives, marketing, sales, managers, lawyers, innovators, logistics etc...  Jeremy works over 20 years in cyber security technology for a variety of European, UK and US companies.