News from our Hong Kong Pupils

Arnold Foundation pupils from Hong Kong take a full role in Rugby School life.  They excel academically but often comment enthusiastically on the extra-curricular activity, opportunities to extend their knowledge, and the extent of the sporting facilities available at the School.  One pupil, now in the LXX, reflects on his time at Rugby so far and the benefits of a boarding education.

The Lent term has been really great for me and I am enjoying LXX very much.

My academic experience at Rugby is challenging and interesting. This term I have come across various academic challenges including the Biology Olympiad, in which I got a ‘Highly Commended’ certificate. I have also participated in various enrichment sessions, including the preparation for the Cambridge Challenge of Chemistry, led by Dr Thompson.

The extra curriculum activities at Rugby have always been a highlight of my boarding life. This term, I have been playing football as my major sport and I also play tennis. Also, I started learning how to play the guitar myself at the start of the term, so I spend a lot of time practising in the music school with my friends.

The boarding life at Rugby School is a precious experience of mine: throughout the years I have established really strong bonds and connections with my friends in Sheriff House. One of the most important values that we possess is our spirit to compete and achieve great things cooperatively.

The highlight for me this term is my participation in the house play of Sheriff. It was an amazing opportunity for me to act in such a great play. We introduced the Sheriff version of Roald Dahl’s Witches to our guests, and I acted as the Grandmother in the play. It was an afternoon filled with laughs from the audience watching boys dressing as women, but also an afternoon which the boys of Sheriff demonstrated their strong house spirit collectively to our guests.

In the Easter holiday, I will be flying back to Hong Kong and I will meet scholars who belong to the Lee Hysan Foundation who study in various countries in the world including Australia, Singapore and the USA. I want to share my experience with them as a student who studies at Rugby and know more about their own boarding lives at the same time.

Being in Rugby has transformed me from a boy into a man, because I am learning everyday how to be an independent young person who can take care of himself as well as taking responsibility of his own future, so I am really grateful for the treasures I have been given and thank you very much!