Baby Swim Lessons


Swimming is a life skill that we believe everyone should learn. Lucky enough babies have spent the last 9 months being in a familiar water environment so we feel we should start them young before that comfort disappears. Our Swim Start programme is suitable for babies aged from 6 months right up to 3 years and is a great entry into our preschool swim programme.

Here we follow the STA framework and will offer a structured programme for both babies and their adults. Our programme will touch on motor skills, activate their sensory awareness and communication which should be pretty natural for your babies as water is proven to be very therapeutic.

We have two levels starting from 6 months up to 17 months with our main aim being parent & water confidence. Our second level is suitable for children aged from 18 months – 3 years, with our main aim being improved water independence.

You will both benefit from the bond you will create together throughout our programme and as adults you will feel more comfortable with the transition as they enter our preschool program without you.

Our terms will typically run in line with the Warwickshire schools term timetable.

Monday 13:30 - 14:00  6 - 17 months |  Monday 14:00 - 14:30  18 months - 3 years

2022 Summer Term
Term Dates: 25 April - 18 July 2022
Exclusion Date: 02 & 30 May 2022
Price: £93.50

We have spaces available for our next term starting on 25 April 2022


What should my child wear?
Your child should wear swimwear to your preference. Within this programme babies are welcome to wear wetsuits from extra warmth. We do also have a double nappy policy.

Will my baby or child be wearing armbands?
We will introduce armbands during the programme to assist with discovery and awareness.