Parent Liaison

We recognise how important it is to support the family as well as the student when embarking on an Arnold Foundation journey at Rugby School.

Family liaison support is provided by a team of three current and former Rugby parents to enable everyone to benefit from shared experiences and knowledge. 

The role of Parent Liaison is to answer questions and address any issues that those who are familiar with boarding schools tend to take for granted ensuring parents have all the information they need.

Arnold Foundation students' well being, as with all our children, is extremely important to us and it is vital they integrate well into the Rugby School community. So we want to ensure their families feel comfortable and secure within the same environment.

All Arnold Foundation parents are contacted once, maybe twice a term, to check all is going well and to answer any questions or address any concerns

Reassurance and support is offered on a wide variety of topics

Informal get-togethers give everyone a chance to get to know each other and these include Arnold Foundation tutors.