Ollie Akinboro

Ollie Akinboro is a medical student in her final clinical year at Liverpool University. She was encouraged to apply to Rugby by her head teacher at George Greens School on the Isle of Dogs. 

‘At the start of the pandemic I received an email from the dean of my medical school telling me that the rise in Covid 19 cases meant hospital placements and lectures would be postponed until May (which soon became August). Suddenly final year medics were prematurely drafted to work in whatever way we could. I began working in my local NHS Trust as a healthcare assistant, juggling those responsibilities while adjusting to virtual learning and preparing for my end-of-year assessments.

‘My time at Rugby instilled in me the importance of playing my part, standing up and being counted. Working during the pandemic I felt morally compelled to play my part, no matter how small. I have been inspired to keep forging on with my medical training.’