Lauren Mackenzie

Lauren Mackenzie is a physiotherapist in the Critical Care Department at the Queen Elizabeth University Hospital in Glasgow. She came to Rugby via our partner Hawick High School. She contracted the virus in March and was admitted to hospital for five days. Still recovering, physically and mentally, she went back to work as soon as she could.

‘I was used to treating the sickest of patients, but the patients we were faced with in ICU were at another level. They had been paralysed and ventilated for weeks and months, leaving them extremely weak and deconditioned. This was physically demanding and was made more difficult by being head to toe in the essential full PPE.

‘I have worked with so many amazing people in the NHS, from cleaners to consultants, and feel humbled to be part of this amazing workforce.

‘Being a boarder at Rugby not only developed me into a person with strong core values but gave me the confidence to communicate with others. Combined with the leadership skills I gained there, I have been able to step up and be an advocate for my fellow junior physiotherapists when we felt under pressure.’