A view of life at Rugby School by current sixth form students

The words below are from our current lower sixth form students and give a real insight into the Arnold Foundation experience. All the below students have had their names changed.


The first few weeks are the most challenging as you adjust to the culture of the House you are in, being away from home and missing your family. But there is a supportive environment - you make friends across the School and there are plenty of opportunities to talk to the pastoral team. I managed to find my niche and balance academic, social, community and House life.

I immersed myself into a range of new sports, music opportunities and have engaged with the community more than I could have ever expected. I am amazed by the School's support in my volunteering, enabling me to travel to my hospital placement weekly to help patients on Dialysis.

At Rugby you can learn in a thriving, ambitious environment and there is empathy and an emphasis on well-roundedness. I think it is rare for schools to strike this perfect balance… I now feel more confident applying to Oxbridge to study Medicine.


I think the experience at Rugby really echoes our motto ‘whole person, whole point’. There's nothing that you don’t experience…the main achievement for me this year was being appointed Deputy Head of House and I am so excited with my new role.


My friends at other schools live a completely different life from mine which is something that I find very interesting. The support I get here at Rugby in comparison is something that they don't have and I will be eternally grateful for. It is often what enables me to achieve things.

I would highly recommend coming to Rugby School as an Arnold Foundation scholar, the number of opportunities I have had here compared to those at home is something I will never take for granted. Rugby has also had a high positive impact on my chances of success in the future. After coming from a grammar school, I realised that although I thought I was doing well there, Rugby showed me I had the potential to do even better. This increased my urge to challenge myself and do things out of my comfort zone and I was given the confidence that I lacked.


I have been able to continue to pursue a lot of my interests such as the piano and saxophone, but have also had the opportunity to try new things, such as playing in rock bands and taking part in cross country, in particular running the Crick, which I could never have imagined me doing a year ago.


The Arnold Foundation is hugely important to the private school system and to be part of it is definitely something special.

Rugby has provided me with opportunities I would never have had at my previous school while also improving my confidence massively. The main difference I believe is the question of choice. Rugby provides so many opportunities and allows us to enter adult life with an abundance of choices. The School aims to make you into a well-rounded person and to try things outside your comfort zone, which prepares us well for the real world.