The Programme

The aim of the Arnold Foundation is really simple, we want to send children from every part of society out to the best universities and then out into the modern day world where they are outstanding.

That means, thanks to generous donations, often from people who also had the chance to benefit from a Rugby education, we can offer fully funded boarding places to talented children who do not have the means to pay for a place.

There is huge pride associated with the Arnold Foundation, students are incredibly loyal to Rugby and many chose to return as Ambassadors to help inspire the next generation. The phrase we hear most is ‘I want to give back’ and they do, with their time, their support and through donations and legacy pledges.

So far, 156 young people have benefitted from the programme with 27 Arnold Foundation students currently at Rugby and Bilton Grange. 

There is no difference in student status or treatment – everyone here benefits from a shining future with dedicated teachers, coaches and pastoral care to enable all to thrive in one of our 13 boarding houses.

We also offer support for Arnold Foundation families to help them get the best possible experience from being at Rugby and Bilton Grange.

Life here is never one-dimensional, but multi-dimensional. It is all encompassing and inclusive – no one is ever on the bench. That is why at our schools, for everyone, the Whole Person is the Whole Point.