Fast Forward 50

‘Fast Forward 50’ is our new campaign to raise £50 million by 2030 so that we can increase the number of Arnold Foundation students at Rugby School to 40 –  at any one time – and secure funding for boarding bursary students in perpetuity.

The Arnold Foundation was a revolutionary programme when it was launched, and remains so. It is an integral part of the ethos of Rugby School.  Its philosophy of ‘where you come from is not the point; where you are going is’ fits well with Rugby School’s mantra of Whole Person, Whole Point, and is a conviction shared by all our donors.

To reach Fast Forward 50’s fund-raising target will take energy, imagination and commitment – and  the generosity of  donors, old and new, to whom all of us here are so grateful. We know the life-changing impact on the children who have benefited from an Arnold Foundation place at Rugby so far and hope you will support us in providing the same for many more.   Achieving this aim would be the best possible way of celebrating our 18th birthday.

If you would like to give us a birthday present, you could:

Set up a direct debit

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Leave a gift in your Will 

Send a cheque or make a BACS transfer 

Make a gift of shares 

Bid at the Sotheby’s Auction 

Sign up to payroll giving 

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