The Arnold Foundation Challenge

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To raise another $300,000.


To fund a Rugby education for children who come from some of the most disadvantaged communities in the UK so they may explore the interests and challenge their capabilities outside of the classroom through co-curricular activities.

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In recent years the American Friends of Rugby School have been able to contribute over $300,000 to this exceptional program.  The generosity and continued involvement of so many American Friends is outstanding.  

Generous donors have helped secure over £25 million (over $35 million) for the Arnold Foundation scholarship program and 145 students have benefited to date.  Of these, many have found success after leaving the School, attending leading universities, including Oxford and Cambridge, studying medicine, languages, law, or business, or embarking upon substantial careers in the creative arts, journalism, finance and medicine.  All have taken with them the values that were learnt at Rugby and competition for these places remains high.

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What's the challenge?

Our target is to raise another $300,000 to enable more young people to benefit from this opportunity and to increase significantly the number of American Friends involved.  We ask you to consider donating to the Arnold Foundation Challenge as it is only through your generosity that we are able to ensure that talented students receive fully funded scholarships at Rugby School.

How do I donate?

We hope that you will contribute to the Challenge this year.  Gifts of all sizes make a substantial difference in our efforts to reach our target.

The easiest way to make a tax-deductible gift is either by donating online using the British Schools and Universities Foundation, ensuring you enter 'Rugby School' as the institution name. 
Alternatively, if you wish to donate using wire transfer or check, you can find more information on these and other methods here.

Thank you

We would be delighted and grateful if you would join in our commitment to Arnold Foundation scholars at Rugby School.  If you have any further questions about this groundbreaking program, please do not hesitate to contact the School Development Team at