13+ Boarding

AT 13+ (YEAR 9)

We begin to consider the ‘first wave’ of registered applicants during Year 7. When you tell us you would like your child to be part of this process we will request a comprehensive report and the most recent verbal reasoning test (VRT) score from their current school. If the school cannot provide these scores we
will arrange a test here.

Your child will be asked to complete a pre-interview questionnaire and during the assessment they will be interviewed by a Housemaster or Housemistress. We will also ask to see your child’s recent maths and English exercise books along with a piece of Year 7 work they are most proud of. This will form the basis of a further 20 to 30-minute discussion to help us assess academic ability.

NB: Before the interviews take place we ask parents to pay the entrance fee.

If a conditional place is offered, the next step is to pass either Common Entrance (with an average of at least 55 per cent) or meet our entrance requirements in English and maths for children whose schools do not prepare for Common Entrance, or to meet our entrance requirements in the Academic Scholarship examinations.

We temporarily close our lists for new applications between mid-October and April of Year 7 to enable us to carry out this first wave assessment process. If you apply after our lists have closed, we will ask you to fill in our Waiting List Registration form so we can then consider you for places which may become available.

Applications for 13+ entry in 2022 are now being considered by means of our Waiting List Registration form.


Covid-19 update:

Whilst the current exceptional circumstances exist we will be offering the option of either in person or remote assessment for later applicants for any spaces which may become available for entry in September 2022

NB: For entry in September 2023 and beyond – registration will close in October of Year 7 with interviews then in January and February

Covid-19 update:

We are hoping it will be possible to follow our normal admissions process and timings from September for potential applicants applying for entry in 2023. For families who will still not be able to travel, or in case we face further Covid restrictions, we will continue to offer opportunities for remote assessment.