The Significance of Coaching in Rugby School

‘Whole Person Whole Point’ is Rugby School’s defining statement of fundamental intent which generates formidable impact upon both individual and community; unleashing its true power demands the open, holistic approach of coaching. 

Coaching is at the heart of Rugby School because in the quest for being well, we mobilise our hidden, creative strengths and realise that there are no limits. Coaching facilitates empowerment, response-ability, and a constant quest for fulfillment, which means our personal and institutional objectives will not only be met, year on year, but will keep on growing, organically and purposefully.    

Below are the School's 10 principles and goals which underpin our emphasis upon coaching as a vital part of education here:

  1. Whole Person Whole Point:  our community is happier and stronger because we work out how we want to be before we decide what we want to do.  Individuals therefore build their true selves, in the process forging the true bonds of society.
  2. Self-management:  When we focus on being well, we encourage and support self-management.  Better awareness creates more connection (with ourselves and with each other), which in turn facilitates greater effectiveness and a hunger for positive change.
  3. Authenticity:  Coaching values and calls out the true depths of human creativity and resourcefulness which are within everybody but which social pressures obscure or repress.
  4. Curiosity:  The primary vehicle for that evocation is genuine, open curiosity about our students and colleagues. Such curiosity is the hugely powerful, driving force of a Rugby education.
  5. Empowerment:  Closely allied to genuine curiosity are effective listening, which is a radical act of empowerment, and powerful questioning, which breaks limiting assumptions and enables the supremacy of striving.
  6. Partnership:  Genuine curiosity, effective listening and powerful questioning underpin the true partnership which creates better conversations, more dynamic cultures, greater individual resourcefulness and stronger teams.
  7. Growth:  Coaching believes in constant progress along life’s many, wondrous journeys.  With coaching, there are no ceilings – I can always be better, and therefore I will always do better.
  8. A Learning Community:  Coaching facilitates our equality as thinkers and removes that most invidious of agents, personal judgement.  In such circumstances, everyone may realise their greater potential.
  9. Fulfillment:  ‘To live’ means to make choices, and to evaluate those choices in order to make us stronger, happier, better. 
  10. The Power of Humanity:  While machines govern ever more of what we do, a vigorous life now requires the versatility to use one’s passions, creativity and judgement to follow different pathways.  In this context, the resilience, awareness, connection, drive to action and effectiveness which result from coaching are a vital component of a happy and successful journey.  In other words, in the age of the machine, what keeps us from the scrap heap of history is the strength of our humanity.