Development Plan

The School's Development Plan has been set and approved in consultation with the Head Master and the Senior Management Team. It is underpinned by a recognition that the distinguishing features and ethos of Rugby School are as follows:

  1. One of the leading co-educational schools in the UK and the world, looking to maintain its tradition of innovation in all areas.

  2. An all-round school which values academic excellence while consistently striving for excellence in other areas of its education and care.

  3. A school which seeks to broaden access and to promote tolerance and understanding.

  4. A school with a strong sense of service to the community.

  5. A school in which each individual is encouraged to develop his or her own talents and skills, while also developing a sense of responsibility and commitment to the community.

  6. A Christian foundation which encourages spiritual development.

  7. A strong boarding ethos, with pupils at the School seven days a week.

  8. A national and international school in terms of recruitment and outlook, offering equal opportunities to all pupils and staff.

  9. A strong house culture - especially House dining which is one of the distinctive features of Rugby.

  10. Pupil numbers around 800, maintaining the boarder/day ratio at 80/20.

The Governing Body has also set as an objective the further widening of access to the School by increasing the number of Arnold Foundation pupils. The Development Plan is reviewed by the Governing Body annually. The School's strategies for achieving its objectives are:

  • To continue to review the academic curriculum to ensure that it is both broad and challenging.

  • To provide a commitment through the curriculum to influence the pupils' spiritual and moral growth, their cultural awareness and physical development by promoting participation in a wide range of activities.

  • To maintain the House structure, which continues to be one of the defining features of life at Rugby School.

  • To maintain the high quality of pastoral care for all pupils.

  • To emphasise the role of the chaplaincy.

The School's financial objective is to ensure financial stability and continuing solvency so that it can pursue its education aims and objectives.